Why using a scale to measure progress isn’t always accurate!

Why using a scale to measure progress isn’t always accurate!

You look at the scale in the morning and it says you gained 3lbs… If you question why this happens and you get demotivated on your diet and quit, in retrospect the scale was just doing its job. Your body weight will fluctuate depending on a lot of different factors. I explained this in my post about the 6 reasons why your weight spikes.

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Let me explain. In my opinion, the scale isn’t the most accurate way of progress. Unless you’re weighing yourself every day in the morning before you do anything, then I wouldn’t recommend using the scale as a progress tool. If you are going to use the scale as a progress tool, I recommend weighing yourself every morning after you’ve gone to the bathroom and before you’ve eaten or drank anything. After you have weighed yourself at the end of the week (Sunday) you will add all your weigh-ins together and then divide it by 7 to get your weekly average weigh in. If your week 1 average is higher than your week 2 average, then you know you lost weight. This is the most accurate way of using the scale. Other tools I like to use is weekly progress pictures. I usually take a picture of the front of my body, the side and back and then compare them to the previous week. I also like using a measuring tape to measure the circumference of my waist (at belly button), chest (under armpit, above the nipple line, with arms then lowered), bicep (left or right, be consistent), thigh (same spot every time), hips (widest part), and shoulders (widest point from shoulder to shoulder). I will usually take measurements every 1-2 weeks. In my opinion, these are the most accurate ways to track progression.


If you’re just starting a diet and need ways to follow progression then these are just samples that I find are most effective. Ideally losing 1–2lbs a week is great progress. You might even lose 3–5lbs in the first week as your body is losing water weight and your glycogen stores are depleting (which is the start of losing weight). I don’t recommend aiming for 3–5lbs a week after the first couple weeks, as that, could lead to a crash diet. If you stay consistent, patient and motivated aiming for that 1–2lbs a week weight loss, you’ll probably enjoy it better and next thing you know, you will have reached your goal!

Written By: Jereymi Longpre

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