Train less eat more. Reverse your thinking.

I hear a lot in the fitness industry that more is better.

More training.

More supplements.

More cardio.

More diets.

More “good” foods.

Well, what happens if I told you less is more.

What happens if I told you that most of you are doing too much.

With obesity being at an all-time high you’d think I’d sound crazy by saying that less is more, the issue is NOT that most people are not doing enough, but their approach to the journey is ruining their goals.

Most of us have started at some point by throwing every damn thing we can at ourselves.

Going from watching Netflix and eating takeout every other night and walking from our car to our job and getting about 4 hours of sleep every night.

To …

5 days in the gym, 3-4 days of cardio, a calorie deficit of a small child only eating chicken breast, rice and broccoli for every meal and then on top of that taking 15 different supplements at the same time.

We go from nothing to all hell breaks loose.

Now here’s the issue with this approach it’s not sustainable and realistic.

This plan is bound to fail at some point.

Some of you will stick it out for a couple of months maybe even 6 months but one day you’ll break and it all will come crashing down on you.

It will come out of nowhere and you’ll wonder why you are headfirst into a box of ice cream without having any willpower to stop.

In all honesty, this is NOT abnormal and most people have gone through this.

But, it’s also not “healthy” going up and down from one thing to the other not knowing why you can’t make progress. Losing a bunch of weight and putting it back on and then some. It’s very hard on the body to keep doing this.

I don’t want this for anyone because I was this person at one point and it’s a hard spiral to get yourself out of.

So the next time you think more is better just remember this article.

After reading this, if you still feel like you are stuck, please contact me and let’s find you a realistic plan that is sustainable.

Much love,


(BE)lieve in (YOU)rself

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