There’s no “right” time to start!

You can still get started and start slow before making immense changes.

You don’t need all the time or money in the world to get started.

It can be as simple as going to your local gym once a week or putting aside an extra $50 a week to buy foods that fit with your goals.

Making change doesn’t have to be so fancy or extravagant to see success.

We are fed this narrative that making a change or achieving greatness has to be all or nothing.

Either you are all in or all out.

There’s no room for any fun or balance (which is total BS).

The people who I have seen make long-lasting results don’t live and breathe fitness.

They have found balance in their everyday life and fitness compliments their life not rules it.

It’s something that took me years to figure out as I got caught in the “sexy” narrative that the fitness industry gives out.

As the fitness industry has grown over the years I am happy to see that more individuals are stepping up and calling out the industry for the messages that it has given out for years.

Change starts with you. Change starts with looking at this journey through a different lens.

We are the change that can make everyone's lives around us easier.

The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but we still have millions of people who struggle with their weight and we are at a high for obesity.

Let that sink in and ask yourself why?

The answer is NOT more quick fixes, more detoxes, more waist trainers, or more “magic” pills.

The ironic thing is that less is more most of the time when starting your journey.

2-3 full-body workouts a week, adequate protein, 3-5 fists of veggies a day, and adequate water for your lifestyle.


This is what most people need but we are sucked in by marketing to find something “sexier” or faster.

If you are someone or know someone in this situation ask yourself the hard questions and really reflect on your past self.

This won’t be easy but it’s supposed to be a lot let stressful than you think!

Much love,


(BE)lieve in (YOU)rself

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