👇 All testomonials below are in conjuction with The Fitness Lab. 👇

Words from @lauri8334 “I am hesitant to write this....not because working with @upnorthathletics on my nutrition has not been successful. I am reticent to write this out because words cannot convey the changes I have seen & am still seeing. Words alone do not amply explain how valuable @jereymilongpre communication, expertise & knowledge has been for my journey.

Having worked in the fitness industry. I had a general knowledge base in basic nutrition. In the past I competed in Power Lifting, Femsport, body building & long & short distance running & triathalons. My nutrition has been very interesting. Top this off with being obese up until my late 20’s. I had knowledge weighed down with a lot of emotional baggage.

Jereymi of @upnorthathletics & trainer @thefitnesslab.ca is by far the most understanding & knowledgeable coach I have had to the privilege to work with. He sat down with me. Listened to my goals. Built my plan and explained it to me. Then over the last few months has guided me through the crazy long stressful work days. Directing my focus to feeling better, sleeping better & feeding myself well. This has given me back my autonomy. The faith in myself to make all around healthy choices ( not just food related, but sleep & time management )that will add to my energy and life. Rather than deplete and degrade.

I highly recommend Jereymi #upnorthathletics as a nutrition & personal training coach. He will provide you with a plan that easily can be incorporated into your life style.

Which will lead to long term success in your health & fitness goals.

My goal was to be able to feel great, move well & ( vanity check ) look good doing it.

Words from @teriyakiii “If there’s a diet, I’ve likely tried it in my past. Years 2007-2010 were horrific for me: my mom died, I had 2 ankle surgeries, and ACL reconstructive surgery... that lead to emotional eating, an unhealthy relationship with food, and 45lbs slowly creeping on as the years passed by. I share that because I think it’s important that people know it’s common to struggle with food - but more importantly, it’s okay to talk about it. April 2020 I decided I was sick and tired of feeling ‘sick and tired’. Always feeling lethargic, terrible sleep pattern, unmonitored stress, and using food as an outlet needed to stop. I upped my workout regime and committed to a fitness lab membership, but more importantly I started to work with @jereymilongpre on my nutrition. What shocked me most was the first few weeks we weren’t concerned about calories in vs. out, but he was asking about my quality of sleep, water intake, mental health, stress levels, how I was doing, etc. Most ‘diets’ I had tried before had me eating 1500-1600 calories and working out 5-6x per week to see success. Jereymi WANTED me eating 2000+ calories per day and working out 3-4x per week MAX. I won’t lie, I thought he was crazy and trying some new age voodoo that wasn’t gonna work. But, as promised, I stuck it out and slowly (keyword: slowly) the weight started to melt off. In the last 6 months I’ve lost 25lb and I’d estimate I’ve ‘tracked macros’ maybe 30% of the time? Our focus was getting me eating whole foods, proper protein amounts, fresh veggies and most importantly - no quick gimmicks. I spent the summer not feeling an ounce of guilt towards eating whatever I wanted! Never felt that I needed to workout extra to ‘earn more food’.. that mindset is gone and I never want it back. No shake, pill, or cream to burn away the fat, but good ol’ fashioned hard work. I’m so thankful for @fitlikevik and Jereymi, and for their endless encouragement and support throughout this process! Excited to see what’s still to come” 😊

Words from @jillscakes : “As someone who has always been fairly active, I was looking at ways to push myself and step up my game. I reached out to @jereymilongpre from the @thefitnesslab.ca for help with my nutrition hoping to lose a bit of fat, but mainly to gain muscle and lean out. After sitting down with Jereymi and discussing my goals, he came up with a easy and attainable plan for me and wanted me to introduce some weights into my routine. I have never enjoyed lifting weights but started to do Jereymi’s strength routines. After several weeks of following his nutrition, and lifting weights twice a week, I could feel my body getting stronger and healthier. Three months in- I can see the results which really encourages me to work even harder. I can now say that I really enjoy lifting weights and they have become an integral part of my workout regime.

Throughout my three month program, Jereymi did daily and weekly checkins and was always extremely helpful and knowledgeable with any questions that I had. I learned a ton about weight lifting and the benefits that muscle gain has on your body. He’s extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, supplements, weight loss and muscle development. He is also incredibly kind and down to earth. I would highly recommend him as a trainer or coach and especially as a friend. Thanks Jereymi! 🙏 “

Sara Clements
Words from Sara: I have been a regular member at the @thefitnesslab.ca for three years. After the birth of my daughter I joined the mom + 1 classes and gained the support, strength, and confidence to branch into other classes. Since then I've had the pleasure of being trained by @jereymilongpre in various group fitness classes and more recently he started working as my nutrition coach. Jereymi helped me understand how my body utilizes the food I eat, how to eat to gain strength, and how to use nutrition for recovery. Jereymi shares his in-depth knowledge of nutrition and exercise in a professional and personable manner. I wholeheartedly recommend Jereymi, and the fitness lab team, as supportive, professional, experts in health and wellness. My overall health and fitness has been transformed since becoming a client at the Fitnesslab.

Krista Adams
“I’ve been working with @jereymilongpre from @thefitnesslab.ca for a couple months now.

I have worked in the fitness and wellness industry for 7 years now myself, but because of my past issues with an eating disorder, my relationship with food has been unhealthy and toxic.

Jereymi helped me put small, attainable goals into place that didn’t trigger past disordered eating habits to re emerge....and because of that I am further along in making peace with food and my body than I ever have been.

The check ins and support (all without judgement) have been a key piece in why and how I am where I’m currently at.

Having been in the fitness industry for a while myself, I can say Jereymi’s knowledge, patience, and encouragement is second to none! I’ve worked at many different places and met many different fitness/wellness individuals and Jereymi’s approach is entirely unique.

If you are struggle with your relationship with food, Jereymi can help!”

Upon meeting with @jereymilongpre from @thefitnesslab.ca we went over my eating habits, foods I usually ate, the times when I ate, etc. I kept thinking why does this matter? Give me a meal plan and I will execute it. That is what I was used to. But Jereymi didn't budge. We logged my foods, and then began changing my habits. Jereymi never measured/calculated my calories because he didn't believe in doing that right away in my case. He focused on me eating whole foods, clean foods, and making sure I was fueling my body with enough nutrients. This was all new to me. I was so used to solely focusing on a calorie number to see change. This was a completely different approach. Jereymi focused on getting to the underlying issues, which were my habits, and wanted to create something more sustainable. He recognized my yo-yo tendancies, and didn't want to repeat what I had been doing for the last 5 years. So Jereymi made me a plan where I was eating 2 meals and 2 shakes per day. I was hesitant at first, I kept thinking how will I lose weight if I'm eating so much. I questioned him lots because I didn't understand it. Jereymi took the time to explain things to me, sending me videos, articles, and answering all my questions. I trusted him, and it began to pay off. He helped me understand nutrition at a much deeper level. I wasn't starving myself like I was used to, in fact I was actually always quite full and still losing weight and seeing my body change. This blew me away. There were no cravings, no gulity feelings, and no binge eating. Jereymi’s approach incorporated foods I liked, allowed for “fun” foods (not cheat days) and ultimately has been sustainable.

👆All testomonials above are in conjuction with The Fitness Lab.👆

I wanted to change my life around. After high school I sat down and made a list of things I wanted to accomplish, eating healthier and changing my body was one of the most important things. I knew Jereymi in high school and later found out about his work with nutrition and personal training through a friend from work. I sat down with him and told him about all the things I wanted to accomplish. He designed a meal plan that fit my goals and was easy to follow. After several weeks into the program, I saw results. Increased productivity, I was never tired and my strength increased at a rapid rate. I began a 6-week weight training program at the same time I began the meal plan. My bench dips went from 29 to 52. My bodyweight dips 17 to 23. My pull ups started at 12 in a row and ended at 18. By the end of the program I was able to clean and press 150 pounds for 5 sets of 2 and front squat 205 for 5 sets of 4 reps at a bodyweight of 147. I started going on big hikes to test my endurance and I was able to get through 30km hikes within 8 hours with elevation gains of over 500m. This meal plan set me on the right path to achieving my goals, I gave up bad habits and have been sober since I started the program. I have never been this happy with my health ever before. The things that I learned will continue with me for the rest of my life when it comes to proper nutrition. I can not thank Jereymi enough for the opportunity he gave me, I will be forever grateful for the path he set me on.
As an athlete, over the years I've gathered lots of experience being coached. I've been coached by people who have played pro, coached pro and at high-level colleges. I was very impressed in my two month experience with UpNorth Athletics and specifically Jereymi. He provided an approach to my nutrition that was more than accessible to my financial situation and to my busy work schedule. His dedication to continually improving his methodology and practices showed he was not afraid to admit if he found a better way and make the necessary changes. A point of emphasis that pleasantly surprised me is his initiative to educate his clients. His philosophy is that of teaching his clients to fish, not simply supplying them with it. In this way, he definitely has given me the ability to continue applying what I learned throughout the rest of my life. Jereymi, I can't thank you enough!
Health and fitness have always been something that I’ve struggled with my entire life. Only recently I have decided to make some lifestyle changes, and this is where Jereymi has impacted my life immensely. Jereymi is passionate, motivated, determined, and extremely committed to what he loves: helping people achieve their goals to become a better version of themselves. He does this by approaching everything in a very professional, yet caring manner. I would not think twice about recommending Jereymi’s program to anybody.