Carter Loewen - MiLB, San Diego Padres

Take a quick look at this video that one of my clients made for me. Carter Loewen plays in the MiLB for the San Diego Padres. In his off season he came to me to work on his diet and nutrition. We also focused on his recovery.  If you want to learn more, click the button below!

SHANE - Before/After

Jill - Before/After

AJ - Before/After

Armaan - Before/After

Jen - Before/After


Paige - Before/After

Matthew - Before/After

 Mathew V

When I started working with Jer, it was the middle of the pandemic and my physical health had very much been put on the back burner. I felt like it was such an uphill battle to get where I wanted to be and I was upset with how far I had let myself go. While working with Jer, he not only catered to my lifestyle… but he held me accountable in a forgiving, thoughtful, accepting and motivational manner. He not only changed my physical health and my body, but he changed the way that I see health and wellness and in turn my body image. I am stronger than Ive ever been and healthier than I’ve ever been thanks to Jer. My body is tighter, my acid reflux is gone, I sleep through that night and I am losing fat while eating more than I ever have. I can’t say enough good things about working with Jer. This is a lifestyle I feel confident that I can maintain forever. 

Sara - Before/After

Me - Before/After