How routine will set you up for success!

Many of us go through life not knowing what step we will take next with our goals.

We keep bouncing from one thing to the next because we think we always need to change every second of the day.

Media has lead us to believe there’s always better, there’s something we are all missing out on.

Well what if the things you are doing now is exactly what you need to be doing but because you are always looking for a change you are holding yourself back?

Maybe it’s time to start embracing your habits now and adapting as needed.

Don’t get me wrong I do believe change is important and pushing yourself to be a better person is key to long term growth and success, but always striving for something new is not the answer as well.

Let’s use going to the gym for an example. Let’s say you are someone who currently workouts out in the evening and then you read some article saying “Working out in the morning is better for energy”. (Again this an example, but doesn’t mean its true, everyone has different preferences)

So now you decide to change your whole routine and deep down you know you hate working out in the morning.

You sacrifice extra sleep or your morning routine for something that you were doing in the evening consistently. You actually loved doing workouts in the evening, but you change it just so maybe you’d get some extra energy.

Again, not bad to try something new but if you know deep down that this is something that won’t fit into your lifestyle or that you’ve tried in the past and didn’t work for you, then why force yourself to do it?

This will only make things more challenging for yourself. In a world where we are already bombarded with so many challenges why put more on yourself?

Ask yourself this … Why do you try and always make things so challenging for yourself? Why do you stress yourself out so much and create anxiety for yourself just to be perfect?

Most of perfection actually stems from an insecurity. If I don’t maximize this I won’t be happy. If I workout in the evening I won’t be maximizing my energy by 1%.

Well what happens now if working out in the morning makes your energy worse? What happens if it actually makes your lifestyle more challenging?

These are the things we worry too much about that are splitting hairs.

These are the things that only will work for some.

Everyone is different and everyone has habits they have created for themselves that have taken years to build.

So how do we go about making effective change? How does routine actually benefit us?

Example: Let’s say you are someone who eats 3 meals a day and your goals is to have more protein and veggies in each meal.

Instead of trying to force yourself to now and try and eat 2 snacks, 4 meals and change your routine up completely work with what you have already created.

Keep your 3 meals and add more protein and veggies to those meals. If you are someone who is busy and always goes out to eat maybe start by making yourself a meal in the morning for yourself and then start making more conscious decision for lunch and dinner when you go out to eat.

The issue is when you try and change everything at once, making 3 meals homemade and trying to eat 10 different snacks at all specific times is now completely changing your lifestyle 180 degrees.

This is when you will give up, because you are trying to make such a drastic change in such a small period of time.

You’ve built habits over years, so don’t expect to change habits over a month.

It will most likely take you years to reverse an old habit.

That’s why sticking to your routine that you have now is so important and building off of it by making small changes.

This is why most individuals fail because they try and change their routine so drastically that they eventually burn out and give up and then the vicious cycle of up and down happens.

This is why it is SO crucial to embrace where you are now and work with what you have.

This not something you should punish yourself for. This is all about 1 small change at a time. No perfection, ONLY consistency.

Small changes over time working within your schedule / routine is true consistency.

Which most us think consistency is challenging our whole routine and always striving for more more more in such small period of time.

Now is the time to change your approach and mindset or you’ll keep spinning your wheels, feelings of inadequacy wondering why things don’t ever work out for you.

This won’t be easy but it all starts with accepting yourself in the position you are now.

You got this, I know it!

Much love,


(BE)lieve in (YOU)rself