Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I do. Call, text, or email me for more information

Cell: 778-552-8116

Email: [email protected]

First, we figure out your fitness goals, your stats (weight, age, height, measurements, etc.), then I will give you a nutrition protocol tailored to you depending on your needs. It will be very detailed and simple to follow. Every week I will check in with you and ask you for progress pictures, and weekly weigh-ins & measurements. For accountability on your part you will check in with me every day. I will also provide you with my personal number so that any time that you have a question, you can get in touch and get an answer.

Yes, all programs can be done depending on your goals.


The workout programs can be done by anyone, and are as detailed as they need to be – depending on the user. The programs are set up specifically with proper rest days in between to maximize recovery & strength performance.