Cravings vs hunger

Cravings vs Hunger

What are cravings and what is hunger? Are they both different?


Cravings are typically known as an emotional want for a certain food. Typically the food is salty, fatty or sweet.


Hunger is a physical desire for food in general, not one specific certain food.


Tips for something sweet before having what you are “craving”

-Have an Apple

-Brush your Teeth

-Have some Gum

-Have some BCAAS or a Protein Shake

-Drink some Zero Calorie Drinks

-Eat 1 or whatever it is you are craving, enjoy it and move on

Different cravings can be the cause of different nutrient deficiencies. Below is an info graph made by @nikgfitness (Instagram) explaining the specific foods that your body needs to combat the cravings.

More tips on eliminating cravings….

Tip 1: Drink more water

- Drinking more water can actually eliminate cravings and hunger keeping you full longer. A good tip is to drink 500mL of water before a meal, this will keep you fuller and will hydrate you in the process.

Tip 2: Eat Slower 

- When you eat too quick your body and brain haven't had the time to digest the food, making you still feel hungry. Enjoy the food and eat until satisfied.

Tip 3: Eating more lean protein

- Having around 25-50grams of lean protein in each meal will keep you satiated longer. Protein also has many different great benefits as well. Examples of lean protein include chicken breast, white fish and egg whites.

Tip 4: Eat more vegetables

- Eating more vegetables with each meal can decrease cravings and hunger. Vegetables are very low in calories but high in fiber and essential micronutrients which keep you full. Vegetables have a lot of volume for the number of calories they have.


Usually, you'll know if you're craving something. If the food you want is very specific (cookie, brownie, cake, etc) give yourself 30 mins and/or try the tips listed above. If you still can't stop thinking of the certain food you want after 30min, then go ahead and have whatever food you're craving. Enjoy the 💩 out of it, move on to the next meal and don't regret your choice. 👉🏼"No one got skinny eating one salad and no one got fat eating one brownie"👈🏼



All in all understanding the difference between the two will help you improve your view on when you're hungry and when you are craving certain foods. These tips will help you reach your weight loss goals or help you maintain your body composition as well. Remember, cravings are desiring one certain food and hunger is a physical pain for wanting food in general. With this said, I'm not saying you can't have your cravings, just enjoy them in moderation and you will notice that reaching your goals will be that much easier.

Written By: Jereymi Longpre