About Me

My Experience

My name is Jereymi Longpre. I started my fitness journey back in August 2015. I was uncomfortable with how I looked and wanted to make a change. During my training for my upcoming college baseball season, I decided I wanted to get in better shape. In my mind, this would make me a better baseball player. What I quickly discovered was that I had a greater passion for training & improving my fitness and others. Rather than playing the game I had known since I was a toddler. After 15 years dedicated to baseball, I put the game aside to pursue fitness & nutrition coaching.

Since Aug 2015, I have lost 75lbs. I have been through many ups & down, trial & error, yo-yo dieting, and even binge eating. I have been through it all and have learned that there is so much more to fitness. My perspective was on health and fitness was if you look good, everyone will treat you differently if you are in better shape. Now I know the inaccuracies of my perspective. These last couple of years have been educational and have helped me not only mentally overcome unnecessary stereotypes but helped my fitness journey in learning how to enjoy both training & eating properly - and this is why I want to help you!

My Purpose

Let me help you make a change by eliminating months & months, or even years of trial & error by educating you with helpful strategies to use for the rest of your life. I strive to avoid always focusing on workouts & dieting. I want to inspire & help you achieve your nutrition & fitness goals. My motivation in life is to see people achieve their goals mentally and physically.

My Approach

My aim is to avoid the false hope and give you insightful information that will actually work - things that have helped me through my journey. Your success is what motivates me, and with consistency, hard work, dedication, and understanding that it's a slow but enjoyable process, there will be a change and I want to be there to help you every step of the way.