1 - 1 Nutrition Coaching

Take the guesswork out of your diet with 1 - 1 Nutrition Coaching with UpNorth Athletics and take the next step towards achieving your goals

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Customized Workout Plans / Personal Training

Let UpNorth Athletics provide you with a customized workout plan for use at home or the gym, including beginner, intermediate, or advanced workouts

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Why UpNorth Athletics?

My business is based on health, nutrition, and fitness. My goal is to help you better your life and reach your physical goals, and also your mental goals through improving your confidence, helping you understand work ethic, and giving you proper knowledge for the best results. Rather than restrictions, I provide options for certain foods and even exercises in case of injury, fitness level, or gym experience. There should never be a time when you feel like you can't reach your goal. Change requires time, consistency, hard work, and sacrifice. If you have an open mind to these things and know that reaching your goals doesn't happen overnight, then I promise an enjoyable & different view of life after working with me.

Pictured is my personal 2-year transformation. It was a process of trial & error, understanding my own body, and learning things from scratch. Yes I binge ate at times, yes I lost motivation at times, and yes I did crash diets and wanted to give up, but I learned from my mistakes, I gained the knowledge I was lacking and this is where I am now - making nutrition & fitness my friends and not my enemies.